We are the airport retailer
with quality assortments
from top German and other European brands.
PAX Airport Shopping was founded 1972 at Frankfurt International Airport. We position ourselves as the leading airport retailer focused on offering top quality German as well as other European brands to traveling shoppers.

Up to now, we have already established six offline stores at the airside (PHOTAIR) and three at the landside (FOTEC) within Frankfurt International Airport. Our major assortments are electronic goods, travel accessories, kids toys, and handpicked best German and other European brands. In addition, we are also working closely with Frankfurt Airport e-Commerce platform to serve our online customers from every corner of the world.

PAX Airport Shopping is not just a name for a cluster of retailers; it is rather a branded marketplace that stands for variety, value, and professionalism. Our PAX team truly believe in our selected products. By offering on-site professional shopping assistance, we aim to provide the best shopping experience for traveling shoppers on the road.

Fancy a good deal with tax-free¹? Desire a Leica camera with on-site hands-on experience? Or search for an entertaining yet enlightening gift for kids? If yes, then come and visit us at one of our stores. We are looking forward to showing you around and helping you to find the right product. For more information concerning how to find us, please check OURSTORES.

¹) only non-EU-residents